Eunice D Flowers

Founder/Executive Director

Born and raised in Miami,FI, Eunice is a 1st generation col­lege graduate of immigrant parents. She attended Florida State University where she received her Bachelors of Sci­ence in Chemistry. She has always been aligned with outreach and community-oriented work, from her job as a camp counselor in North Miami Beach’s Y.E.S. program, to her tenure as an Americorps member which included being a participant in Jumpstart, where she was able to teach read­ing and language to disadvantaged children. Along with heading her non-profit, Eunice is currently a science educa­tor in Dade County Public Schools.

Eunice has a strong spiritual background that teaches civil duty and unity, which is why she started her organization and it was officially branded in February 2011. She says, “I began the organization because I saw a high level of hope­lessness and complacency in this particular community, even in my own family; people who were just taking the lemons life was giving them. They had a limited access to choices because they had limited access to practical infor­mation mostly as a result of being 1st generation children in their predicaments. I wanted to start the organization to broaden their horizons and give them a different view of life by positioning them at a different vantage point.”

As a mother, wife, sister, mentor, and educator, Eunice Flowers understands she may not be able to solve all prob­lems but she plans to empower others to do it themselves.

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